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I’m a graduate student in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab. I shape gut feelings into experiences. My ultimate goal is to engineer life-changing events. Interested in space, brains, and technology.

My recent work focuses on designing interfaces that augment human cognitive potential, guided by the principle that technologies fused with our bodies can redirect our perception and enhance self-awareness.

Some of my current projects include an augmented reality application to help memorize almost anything, a tangible interface to gain control over one’s heart rate, and a glove to interface with dreams. Now, I’m seeking to build wearables for self-discovery, learn about human intelligence, and expand our cognitive ability.

I’m a firm supporter of antidisciplinarity: I received an M.S. in Computer Science from MIT, an M.S. in Design and Computation from MIT, a MArch and BArch in Architecture from the UPC in Barcelona.

I have designed projects across scales and disciplines, and presented in venues including Ars Electronica in Linz, Transmediale Festival @ACUD in Berlin, ACM’s User Interface and Software Technology in Tokyo, the Beijing Media Art Biennale and at the AIAS in Minnesota.

Contact: Email | LinkedIn | Instagram


MS in Media Arts and Sciences, MIT | 2019
MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT | 2017
SMarchS in Design and Computation, MIT | 2017
MArch, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya | 2011
BArch, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya | 2009


TA, Artificial Intelligence, MIT EECS, Prof. Patrick Winston | 2017
TA, HC Interaction, MIT Media Lab, Prof. Pattie Maes | 2017


Research Assistant, Fluid Interfaces, MIT Media Lab | 2016
Project Architect, EM2N, Zurich, Switzerland | 2012-2015
Intern, Gramazio Kohler, Zurich, Switzerland | 2012

Selected Awards

La Caixa Fellowship, $120K, full tuition and stipend MIT | 2015
Full tuition and stipend for 3 Graduate Degrees at MIT | 2015
Best Thesis Award MIT SMarchS | 2017
Best Poster Award at UIST, Tokyo, Japan | 2016
MIT Avalon Travel Grant | 2016
1st Prize Masterplan Irchel, with EM2N | 2015
6th Prize Zollhaus (102 entries), with EM2N | 2014
2nd Prize for Zwicky, with EM2N | 2014
1st Prize UBS Headquarters, with EM2N | 2012
4th Prize Ice Hockey Stadium, with EM2N | 2012
Highest Honors for Architecture Master Thesis Project | 2011
1st Prize Schindler Awards Arch. Competition | 2011
2nd Prize American Association of Arch. Students Comp. | 2009
Erasmus Grant for Lisbon, Portugal | 2008
Bancaja Grant for UTA, USA | 2007
EU Lifelong Learning Program, Vicenza, Italy | 2007

Selected Exhibitions

Cocoon at Ars Electronica, Linz, AT | 2018
Cocoon at Beijing Media Arts Festival, Beijing, CN | 2018
Cocoon at Hanshan Art Museum, CN | 2018
Chroma at Transmediale Festival, Berlin, DE | 2017
EM2N As Time Goes By, Zurich, CH with EM2N | 2015
Zollhaus at Zollstrasse Garden, CH, with EM2N | 2015
Zwicky at Wasserturm, Wallisellen, CH, with EM2N | 2015
Hockey Arena at Oerlikon Hallenbad, Zurich, CH, with EM2N | 2012
Limit of CCTV at ETSAV, Barcelona, ES | 2007

Selected Press

Dormio on 60 Minutes, BBC, Vice, Wired and others | 2018
Cocoon on the Media Lab News and Ars Electronica Trailer | 2018
NeverMind at UIST, Domus Magazine, MIT Arch. website | 2016
UBS on Baunetz,  Zurcher Zeitung, Hochparterre and others | 2013
Zollhaus on Afasia and Beta-Architecture, with EM2N | 2015
Zwicky on Beta-Architecture, with EM2N | 2015
Lindt on Afasia, with EM2N | 2014
Ozeanium on Divisare, Afasia and Beta-Architecture | 2012
Hockey Arena in Divisare, Baunetz, City Zurich, Afasia | 2012


Prototyping Sleep, MIT Media Lab Members Event | 2018
Hyundai Brainstorming Workshop, Seoul, Korea | 2018
Toppan Printing Brainstorming Workshop, Tokyo, Japan | 2018

Exchange Programs

Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa (UTL), 1 semester | 2008
University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), 1 semester | 2007